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Psychotherapy is also known as talking therapy.  During Psychotherapy, you and your Therapist will talk about your concerns, work on problem solving, explore the origins of your symptoms and you will recieve instruction on healthy coping mechanisms. Therapy sessions take place in a comfortable office setting.  We also have a floor area with yoga mats, pillows and a hammock for those clients who choose to do therapy in a more casual setting.  Telehealth is an option for all therapy sessions.

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                 EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy encorporates eye movements or tapping with talking therapy to help release negative self cognitions and trauma related to painful memories and experiences.  EMDR often acheives a reduction in symptoms such as anxiety and depression in less time than talking therapy alone. 

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ART Therapy

Art therapy can be used to treat Anxiety, Depression and other mental health symptoms.  Art therapy can be combined with talking therapy and is especially helpful for those who dont want to talk as much or for those who have communication barriers.  Camille teaches basic art techniques that can be used for relaxation. We have a full art studio in office for clients to explore different techniques and mediums.  No prior art experience is necessary to participate in art therapy.

   Our Office and Art Studio

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