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About Us

Sacramento Transformation Center is a wellness clinic offering services for your mind, body and soul.  Camille Martin, LCSW is the primary Psychotherapist and has over 20 years of experience working with individuals to improve their mental health.  Camille has experience working with all ages and is also a Certified Case Manager in Healthcare.   Sacramento Transformation Center offers individual therapy for children as young as 5 years of age as well as adults of all ages.  Camille specializes in treatment of Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Social issues, Living with Chronic Health issues and we welcome members of the LGBTQ community.  Camille is experienced in EMDR and speaks Spanish.  Individual therapy is available both in person and online.  We are excited to offer small group therapy and classes starting in November 2022.









Our Children's program will include exercises to help members to develop social skills, improve  boundaries, learn healthy coping mechanisms, increase safety awareness and to increase a positive sense of self.   Activities will include self defense instruction from a 7th Dan Karate Sensei, Gentle yoga taught by local instructors, Art Therapy, Self Exploration and play.   Each small group series will be 6 weeks in length, with a one hour group each week.  Insurance will not be accepted for group therapy and the price will be $300 for each 6 week series.  To be placed on the wait list for this program please contact Camille at (916) 462-1642. 












The womens journal and art group will include instruction on how to do different art techniques geared towards relaxation and self exploration.  Projects will by multi media and require no prior experience with art.  During the course of the series, participants will learn how to use journaling for relief from stress and depression.  Camille will facilitate group discussions, strength building exercises and assist group members to release fears, anger and insecurities through art.   This group will be a 6 week series, with one group per week and the price is $300 per member.  To be placed on the wait list for this program please contact Camille at (916) 462-1642. 


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