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A safe place to talk about life challenges, you are not alone.   We can help you to find solutions and relief from anxiety, depression, shame and anger.  

 - Stephen Chbosky

"Even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there."

New Beginnings


Do you ever feel like your life is built on a cracked foundation?  Sometimes no matter how hard you try,  you get stuck in defeating routines and find that life is lacking joy.  At Sacramento Transformation Center, we believe that anyone can change and can create joy in their life.  Often we need to deconstruct what we have built to make room for what is congruent with our authentic selves.   Therapy is a dialogue between the Therapist and the client in which the goal is to uncover the client’s best self.  Together we can work to find out what no longer works for you.  As you remove self destructive thoughts and behaviors, there is room for growth and happiness.   Sacramento Transformation Center takes a strength based approach and encourages individuality and resilience.  The goal of therapy is not to just “get over” stuff.  The goal of therapy is that each client thrive.  We help our clients to stop just going through life doing what they think they think they “should do” rather than what they are passionate about.  The closer we come to living a life which integrates our talents and is abundant in things, people and places we enjoy, the closer we are to freedom.  Too often in life we settle for just enough, when abundance is just around the corner.  Open your mind to the possibilities.

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2015 J Street #203

Sacramento, California 95811

916 462-1642

     Camille Martin, LCSW, CCM

Primary Psychotherapist and Owner

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